What is a misprint?

What is a misprint disc?

Misprint discs are also known to ultimate players as practice discs.  These are perfectly manufactured discs with cosmetic flaws in the printing.

A misprint typically has one of two problems: the foil used to stamp the artwork onto the disc is flawed, or we goofed and used the wrong foil color or artwork. When either occurs, we don't expect the customer to pay for it; instead, it goes onto a shelf with other misprints. When we get too many, they are offered for sale to the public at very low prices.

Quality Control Leads To Misprints
There are two quality control stations at Discraft: Structural and Cosmetic.

Structural Control
testing for structural integrity at Discraft When a disc is born, it is checked for flaws. If we find a structural problem, we grind it up and try again. Some companies will even sell you these structurally flawed discs: they call them "X-outs" and mark them with a big X...

Since a structural flaw can cause flight inconsistencies, we won't knowingly sell discs with structural problems... ever. If someone ever claims to offer you "Discraft X-outs," they are either incorrectly describing misprints or are trying to sell you counterfeits.

Cosmetic Control
The second quality control station is after the artwork stamping process. If the art stamp has a problem, that disc becomes a misprint. It will still fly perfectly, but who wants to pay full price for flaking or scratched up artwork?

Once it is stamped, we can't regrind the plastic because we don't want the impurities in the stamp to be mixed inside of your next disc. So instead we offer them to you at super low prices.